My name is Sue Miller and I am a junior at Middle Tennessee State University studying Computer Information Systems. I am learning many exciting things like C#, Object Oriented Programming, Dreamweaver, HTML / CSS and a ton of business training. My plan is to complete the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree and then continue on to achieve the Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Information Systems. I am also a member of the Association of Information Technology Professionals at MTSU. There are also always other activities going on like football games, speaking events and operas. I have my laptop loaded with academic software, including Adobe Creative Cloud, so I can spend my time between classes working on my many school projects.

I completed an Associate of Arts degree in 1999 before returning to school in 2014 as a Junior at MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN. I worked for many years as a bookkeeper after completing my A. A. degree. My years of experience in bookkeeping have prepared me for the hard work of going back to school. I have returned as an older, non-traditional student, which has given me valuable insights for my classes. I look forward to the many challenges coming my way with school and a career to follow.

I was married in 1993 and have 4 children. I have enjoyed my time as a wife and mother. It has been challenging and rewarding. My husband spent 8½ years in the U. S. Navy, where we moved around some and got to see things we would not have seen otherwise. It was tough having him away much of the time but we made it through stronger. Our first two children were born on a Navy Base. My husband and children have been a good support for me returning to school. My oldest son will be going to college next year, it is hard to believe, and I am happy to be able to give him current advice. He will be studying English and plans to become a professor when he finishes.